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Riya Koshi, (LLB)

Riya Koshi, (LLB)


Ms. Riya Susan Koshi received a Bachelor of Legal Laws (LLB) from the prestigious University of Middlesex and is currently pursuing an LLM in International Business Law at the same university. She has experience handling cross-border and domestic corporate transactions, and her knowledge extends beyond UAE law to international law. Within her two years of experience in the legal industry, she has also assisted many satisfied clients with negotiations, drafting, and reviewing over 200 commercial documents, including but not limited to construction agreements, supplier agreements, rent-lease agreements, website terms and conditions, and privacy policy agreements. Joint venture agreements, board resolutions, MOAs, AOAs, and other legal agreements aggregating to a transaction value of over and above 200,000,000 dollars. Further, she assists clients in incorporating onshore and offshore companies within the region. Also, Ms. Riya closely works with Dr. Naser Muhyealdeen, the founding partner of the firm, in representing high-net-worth clients in the Dubai International Arbitration Center for cases related to construction disputes and commercial disputes.

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