Preparing Power of Attorney in UAE

power of attorney

Preparing Power of Attorney in Dubai UAE

The power of attorney is to be prepared by the law firm and then sent for translation into Arabic and English.

In order for a lawyer to act on behalf a client, it is obligatory for the client to authorize the lawyer of doing so by signing a power of attorney. This will show that the lawyer acting on behalf of the client has full authority to represent the client in all legal matters. It needs to be stamped and attested by the Dubai courts.

The power of attorney will be revoked once it completes its time frame or at the death of the person giving the power or even at the will of the executor by written application, however this is only possible in Abu Dhabi and Sharjah

To use power of attorney made somewhere other than UAE, the following must be done,

a- Translate documents into Arabic
b- Attestation by the foreign office in UAE
c- Legalize documents by UAE Ministry of Justice
d- Signing power of attorney in front of notary in the country of issue
e- Attestation by the foreign office in country of issue
f- Legalize documents by UAE Embassy in country of issue