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General Practice Lawyers Dubai UAE

The United Arab Emirates is essentially a civil law jurisdiction heavily influenced by French, Roman, Egyptian and Islamic law. Common law principles, such as adopting previous court judgments as legal precedents, are generally not recognized (although judgments delivered by higher courts are usually applied by lower courts). Only local firms may appear as counsel before a court.

Our team comprises international lawyers supporting local partners to provide a vast array of experience and knowledge in conducting cases in the UAE. It is this experience and understanding of not only the law but the processes and application of the law that gives our firm unrivaled success at all levels of the court.

As the UAE has established itself as a regional hub for international business, arbitration is gradually becoming a popular method of dispute resolution and our team, which includes one of the international Arbitrators available in the UAE, has carried out over 100 successful Arbitration cases already and are currently engaged in and starting many more.

Abu Dhabi follows a federal court structure with a final court of appeal (the Abu Dhabi Supreme Court) but both Dubai and Ras Al Khaimah are not part of the federal judicial system and have their own court systems, which are not subject to the federal Supreme Court. A thorough understanding of the principles of each of these jurisdictions is essential to ensuring you have the very best representation for your case.

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