criminal defense lawyer dubai

Criminal Law

Our top criminal lawyers have extensive experience in cheque bounce case/financial crime, drug possession, alcohol crime. Full legal service defense lawyer.

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dubai banking lawyers

Banking Law

Our banking lawyer in Dubai have the vast experience in local and international banking, finance, UAE corporate regulations and customs.

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company establishment law

Company Establishment & Registration

UAE is one of the well known markets of Middle East for starting a business.

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contract law in dubai

Contract Law

When parties have opposing opinions concerning a contract and where they are unable to agree how it is to be applied, the dispute arising will need to be settled by the court.

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commercial lawyers in dubai

Corporate & Commercial Law, International Corporate Law

Specialized in commercial and international laws in UAE such as company set up, bankruptcy, contracts, partnerships, joint ventures, logistics, compliance.

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joint venture law in dubai

Joint Venture

Whilst joint ventures and acquisitions can be viewed as an easier route into the Middle Eastern market, the peculiarities of a Middle Eastern business can make it anything but.

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sponsorship law

Sponsorship Agreement Drafting

The sponsorship agreement is a legal bond between the sponsor and the person having the right to enforce the sponsorship.

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debt recovery lawyer dubai

Debt Collection

Debt collection encompasses overdue invoices for companies, personal debt to individuals, bank debt and even amounts owed on bounced cheques.

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general practice law in dubai

General Practice of Law

The United Arab Emirates is essentially a civil law jurisdiction heavily influenced by French, Roman, Egyptian and Islamic law.

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us flag

Immigration to USA

The EB-5 investor visa (the “Investor Green Card”) provides Lifetime Permanent Resident status in the United States.

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insurance law in dubai

Insurance Law

The EB-5 investor visa (the “Investor Green Card”) provides Lifetime Permanent Resident status in the United States.

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arbitration law

International Arbitrations & ADR

As a member of the GCC Arbitration Center, Dubai International Arbitration Center, DIFC Arbitration Center, Abu Dhabi Arbitration Center and members of the International Bar Association.

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employment law in dubai

Labor and Employment

Our Lawyers cover full labor and employment matters in Dubai UAE such as unlawful termination, dismissal, end of service benefit claims, unpaid salaries.

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litigation and DIFC

Litigation & DIFC Courts

Al Reyami Advocates and Muhyealdeen International Legal Consultants is comprised of highly qualified lawyers with extensive experience in Litigation matters.

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shipping and maritime

Maritime Law

Al Riyami Advocates and Muheyeldin International Legal Consultants, drafts contracts and handles all cases and suits relating to maritime law.

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property lawyers in dubai

Real Estate and Property Law

Full service in freehold property laws, landlord and tenant disputes, developer and contractor, tenancy, lease renewals, real estate contracts in Dubai UAE.

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wills and testament in dubai

Wills and Succession

When living in the UAE, understanding the laws pertaining to succession or, what happens to your money and property if you die is very important.

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bankruptcy law Dubai UAE

Bankruptcy Law, Liquidation, and Insolvency

Bankruptcy Lawyers in Dubai. Specialize in this process of Bankruptcy Laws, Liquidation and Insolvency for personal and business across UAE.

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