Corporate & Commercial Law

Corporate Lawyer in Dubai | Commercial Lawyer in Dubai UAE

Commercial law governs the broad areas of business, commerce, and consumer transactions. The specific law has developed in a number of commercial fields. These include:

Company Establishment
Debtor and Creditor
Secured Transactions

A legal counsel on the commercial law is a much in demand service nowadays because of recent commercial developments in Dubai. As our legal counsels in Dubai UAE on commercial law have extensive experience and we have a clientele from all over the world it enables us to cater small, medium and large companies.

The firm provides wide range legal services in the field of commercial law. It manages to facilitate company establishment, winding up and dissolution; it also provides an extensive and professional selection of legal services and advice to clients concerning business and corporate transactions, contracts, the banking system and other relevant matters.

The corporate law governs the services related to the formation of companies such as registration or inclusion of entities, drafting memorandums of association or articles of association and acquiring the type of required license namely professional, commercial or industrial.

Our team can provide assistance on creating liquidations, acquisitions, mergers, partnerships, joint ventures, bankruptcy and more

International Corporate Law includes the cross-border transactions which are versatile in nature; ranging from drafting and negotiating of international commercial contracts in all fields of commerce.