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Laws of Adoption in UAE

Laws of Adoption in UAE

Adoption Law in UAE | Family Lawyers

There are a growing number of cases where adoption is authorized in the UAE. Entering a sexual relationship outside of marriage used to be a crime in the UAE and offenders may face criminal charges. Sadly, in some instances, children born from such relationships are sometimes abandoned to avoid these circumstances but the law makes allowances for these children to be taken care of.

Under Islamic Law, it is forbidden to adopt a child because it interferes with ancestry but it allows that an abandoned child can benefit from the love and care of a family. In such circumstances, a court order is required to give that child the family name of the adopting parents.

Assistance on Legal Process on how to adopt child in UAE

UAE nationals are not permitted to adopt but expats may do so if the law of their home country gives them permission to do so. The option allows expats residing in UAE to adopt children from countries other than UAE provided they follow all the rules and regulations governing the process.

The UAE law is structured to support an abandoned child and may even give UAE citizenship and a passport in some cases, according to Article 2(e) of the Federal Law (1975).  Our expert family lawyers are happy to assist with the process of legally adopting a child into your home.

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