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Mustafa Abdel-Haseeb Mohamed

Mustafa Abdel-Haseeb Mohamed


Mr. Mustafa Abdel-Haseeb Mohamed, Holds a Bachelor of Law from Cairo University, Beni Suef Branch, in Egypt. He has been a legal practitioner since 2010 and worked as a legal researcher from 2013 until now and has prepared lawsuit lists, whether in disputes or first-instance claims, and bylaws of appeals and appeals, as well as documents and their registration on the court system, whether Dubai courts or other courts within the country. As one of our advocates in Dubai, he has extensive experience in implementing notices related to lawsuits, executions, warnings and judicial notifications as well as recording implementations, preparing their bylaws and following them up until collection, carrying out reservations and sales, and following up with the Auctions Department and submit smart requests to Dubai Courts for cases of all kinds.

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