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Paula Ynne Louise Corbito Serrano, J.D.

Paula Ynne Louise Corbito Serrano, J.D.


Atty. Paula Ynne Louise Corbito Serrano, a distinguished Philippine lawyer who passed the Philippine Bar Examinations in 2022, currently serves as a Legal Associate at Al Reyami Advocates & Muhyealdeen International Legal Consultant in Dubai, UAE. In her role, Paula specializes in drafting contracts, revising agreements, providing arbitration services, and offering comprehensive case advice and reporting.

Previously, Paula gained valuable experience as a Legal Researcher in Dubai, UAE from 2023 to 2024. During this tenure, she provided legal guidance to clients navigating UAE legal proceedings, authored case reports and summaries based on client statements and case files, and managed contract drafting and revision tasks, adhering to both UAE and Philippine legal frameworks.

Before her international assignment, Paula held positions as a Legal Retainer in the Philippines from 2022 to 2023, contributing her legal expertise to support clients in various matters. She embarked on her legal career as a Legal Intern in the Philippines in 2015, where she cultivated foundational skills and knowledge in the legal domain.

Paula holds a Bachelor of Laws degree from San Beda University (2016-2021) and graduated Cum Laude with a BS in Legal Management from the same institution in 2016. Her educational background and diverse professional experiences underscore her proficiency and commitment to the practice of law, positioning her as a capable and dedicated legal professional in the field.

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