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Our Real Estate Lawyers assist clients when acquiring various forms of ownership and tenancy in real property (land as distinct from personal or movable possessions) and in personal property, within the common law legal system. In the civil law system, there is a division between movable and immovable property. Movable property roughly corresponds to personal property, while immovable property corresponds to real estate or real property, and the associated rights and obligations therein.

Real estate law is the branch of civil law that covers rights to possess, use, and enjoy land and the permanent manmade additions attached to it. This includes the capacity to hold interests in real property, permissible interests in real property, relations between owners, relations between owners and the community, landlord and tenants, the transfer of interests in real property, and real property financing, including deeds and mortgages.

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With top calibre real estate lawyers, property laws remain the core strength of our firm; we handle land mark cases against the biggest and known developers in the country, whether in arbitration, mediation or court proceeding.