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Arbitration in UAE

Arbitration in UAE

Arbitration Procedure in Dubai

Arbitration is an alternative dispute resolution court in the UAE and has been increasingly used as the chosen jurisdiction to settle matters that require a legal path to be followed. The fact that arbitration is on the rise and more commercial companies are inclined towards its use may be largely attributed to the fact that proceedings may be conducted in English. With a very high percentage of the population being expatriate who conduct much of their business in the English language, it follows that they may be more inclined to seek legal remedies in the same language.

Moreover, in arbitration a special body can be established to handle certain types of dispute which can result in quicker judgments (without appeal and cessation proceedings) making them cost effective overall when compared to broader and full UAE courts process.

Federal Arbitration Law in UAE

Recent years have continued to see both local and international investors attracted to investing in the construction sector which has enhanced Dubai’s reputation as an important international real estate investment market. The recent slump (decline or correction depending on your view) that has impacted the real estate market since 2008 did not halt a continuous influx of investment in the construction sector. For this reason, there are a growing number of disputes concerning many aspects of the delivery and release of such properties with the documentation having specified arbitration proceedings as the jurisdiction for any legal remedy.

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