International Arbitrations, Arbitration & ADR

As a member of the GCC Arbitration Center, Dubai International Arbitration Center, DIFC Arbitration Center, Abu Dhabi Arbitration Center and members of the International Bar Association, a key consideration when a business finds itself in dispute, it is understandable that they would wish to find the swiftest and most economical resolution. For that reason, filing a case in court as litigation may not be the ideal solution, as this often involves a prolonged process of court hearings and drafting of a never ending array of submissions and responses. This carries the risk of further problems between the parties and on-going business and can be substituted by utilising arbitration.

Our team has vast experience in carrying out arbitration proceedings and includes a managing partner who is himself a registered arbitrator.

Arbitration is one of the fastest growing dispute resolution mechanisms in the world, and is well suited to the modern business world.

Arbitrators come from a wide range of professions and backgrounds which itself provides a useful counterpart to understanding some of the complex issues involved in commercial disputes. Unlike court hearings, arbitration also allows parties to reach a resolution in confidence and out of the public spotlight.
Another key advantage of using arbitration is that the award at the close of proceedings is final and binding and doesn’t give rise to appeals and further delay.

We have finalized over 100 International Arbitration Cases and have the ability and the experience to arbitrate in all international arbitration centers.