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Interpol Notices

Interpol Notices

Interpol Notices | Know The Different Notices and Legal Procedure

Interpol notices refer to different types of notices which are issued by countries sharing key information about criminal offenders or suspects. By exchanging cooperation between Interpol countries, there is a higher likelihood of ensuring security and law and order. These types of notices which Interpol countries draw to effectively maintain law and order are:

1- Blue Notice
When the requesting country does not know the identity, location or activities of the criminal offender then Blue notice is issued through Interpol. Upon the criminal offender being found, the country informs the requesting country about it.

2- Orange Notice
Orange Notice is primarily issued when a country is in possession of genuine information that an individual or suspect is likely to constitute a threat to a country or commit an act of terror, thereinafter the other country is informed about the suspect being a danger to its security.

3- Red Notice
Red Notice is issued when the person has committed a serious grave criminal offence. Upon request of country, the criminal is placed under surveillance and arrested till extradited to the requesting country.

4- Green Notice
To provide warning and intelligence about the criminal offence committed by the offender.

5- Black Notice
Black Notice is issued in the event that there is a dead body of a person in a member country of Interpol; thereinafter this type of notice is made so as for individuals to identify the dead human body through Black notice

6- Yellow Notice
The notice is issued to locate and identify the missing or unidentifiable person

7- Purple Notice
The issuance of this notice is to seek and identify the methods and equipment’s used by the criminals.