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New Traffic Offence Laws in the UAE

New Traffic Offence Laws in the UAE

Dubai Traffic Laws | Driving Rules in Dubai UAE

Traffic laws were amended in July this year 2017 with the intention of increasing road safety and reducing accidents caused by driver error. This entailed the addition of some new rules and regulations which if broken will be considered a criminal offence. The 17 new traffic offence laws are as follows,

1- Maximum allowed limit for window tinting is set at 50%.
2- Using a privately registered vehicle for commercial use is an offence.
3- Violent or abrupt changing of lanes (swerving) can attract a fine.
4- Three wheeled vehicle or quad bikes are not allowed in the public highways and can lead to a fine and vehicle confiscation.
5- All children under the age of 4 must be secured in a child car seat.
6- Noisy vehicles (by modification or by lack of maintenance) can attract a fine.
7- Failure to register your vehicle and have valid insurance is punishable by a fine and vehicle seizure.
8- Ignoring or jumping traffic signals will get you a fine and confiscation of the vehicle.
9- Overloading a vehicle beyond its passenger capacity can lead to a fine.
10- Failure to collect your vehicle after seizure will attract further fines.
11- Tailgating. Leave a safe distance between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you.
12- Fine and confiscation for reckless and careless driving.
13- Fine and confiscation of vehicle for driving with damaged or unsafe tires.
14- All occupants of a vehicle must wear a seat belt (in the front and rear of the vehicle).
15- There is a fine for using a cell phone while driving. This applies to calls and texts.
16- Speeding which includes exceeding the defined limits can incur a fine and possible confiscation of the vehicle.
17- Zero tolerance for driving under the influence of alcohol, there is a fine and a jail term including confiscation of your vehicle.

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