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UAE Green Residence Visa – 5-Year UAE Residence Program Launched

UAE Green Residence Visa – 5-Year UAE Residence Program Launched

5-Year Residence Program Has Been Launched for UAE Green Residence Visas

An Overview – UAE Green Residence Visa

To encourage talents, skilled workers, freelancers, investors, and entrepreneurs, the UAE has introduced a new 5-year residence program. Once a residence permit is canceled or expires, the system offers extended flexible grace periods of up to six months to remain in the country.

The United Arab Emirates has formalized a policy meant to give expatriates a bigger economic role in the nation by implementing legislation on foreign entrance and residence. The new entrance and residence system aims to strengthen the competitiveness and flexibility of the labor market, attract and keep qualified workers from all over the world, and foster a strong sense of stability among UAE nationals and their families.

The change is expected to draw a lot of new entrepreneurs and more employees with a variety of skill sets. It would increase the UAE’s talent pool and support the growth of several companies, in line with the Great Rulers’ objective of making the UAE a well-liked tourism destination across the world.

Capable employees can take advantage of this scheme to get a five-year residency without the involvement of a sponsor or employer. The permit is also called a “Green Residence Visa.” Our general practice lawyers will be glad to assist if you have questions.

How Does the Green Residence Visa Operate?

For those who cannot apply for residency through the typical employer or sponsor procedure, the five-year UAE Green Residence Visa is an exciting new option, as it was developed to bring competent professionals, entrepreneurs, investors, and freelancers.

Income and expertise will determine eligibility, but skilled independent contractors and entrepreneurs are likely to find this to be an interesting visa option.

Holders of these green visas will be able to extend their permissions to family members for a period of five years and maintain their residency status for a period of six months following the cancellation or expiration of their visa.

What Is The Difference Between A Work Permit And A Green Card?

Most of the time, employees who want to work in the UAE need to obtain a visa that is tied to their employer. This is known as an employment visa. Despite being the most popular, it poses issues for employees because it takes longer for them to find long-term accommodation.

Under the Green Visa scheme, foreign nationals will be able to remain in the country and find employment without a sponsoring company.

What Advantages Are There To Obtaining A Green Visa From The UAE?

Thanks to this new documentation, people from all walks of life may now live and work in the UAE. However, it also offers a few additional advantages, such as the following:

  • People will be self-sufficient without needing a sponsor
  • Up to the age of 25, holders may sponsor their parents and minor children.
  • There is a 180-day grace period provided, so workers have more chances of getting a new job in case their present contract is terminated. They are able to remain in the country and hunt for other employment opportunities without the need for a sponsor.

For What Reason Did The UAE Government Issue This Green Visa?

The new visa program was implemented for the reasons listed below, among others:

  • Bring in brilliant graduates and professional students as well as highly capable professionals.
  • Restore tourism to the UAE and lessen the country’s reliance on oil.
  • Expand the nation’s growth and the economy in a number of ways.

Freelancers are Eligible for a Green Card

  • Under this strategy, workers are encouraged to work in a variety of ways. A sponsor or employer is not necessary for the five-year residence for independent contractors and persons who work for themselves.
  • The applicant would require an approval from the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization to work independently.
  • A bachelor’s degree or professional certification should be used as proof. At least AED360,000 was earned through self-employment during the past two years.
  • As an alternative, the applicant might provide evidence of their financial security while living abroad.

Entrepreneurs And Investors Will Receive A Five-Year Residence Permit

  • This residence scheme was built to draw in revenue. Investors who are establishing or operating an enterprise are granted a five-year residence. This  takes the place of the earlier residence, which was only good for two years.
  • Investment authorisation and investment paperwork (evidence) are the two prerequisites.
  • If the investor (partner) has many licenses, the overall investment amount is calculated.
  • It is necessary to have the appropriate local authorities’ approval.

Skilled Workers

  • Through this scheme, qualified workers can get a 5-year residency without a sponsor or employer.
  • Candidates must be classified at the minimum level and have a current job contract, according to the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization.
  • Skilled Employee Level 1, 2
  • It is necessary to have a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent, and the pay should be at least Dh15,000 a month.
Family Members Will Now Enjoy More Benefits Permits to remain in the country for a longer duration.

Unmarried sons could have previously been sponsored for up to 18 years, but under the new rule, they can now be given residence permits for up to 25 years. Sponsorship for single women is not time-limited, though.

Children who show perseverance, regardless of their age, are awarded a residence visa.

The residency of family members has the same validity as the primary resident visa holder in all circumstances. Green Residence holders are allowed to provide residence permits to their first-degree relatives.

If you have any questions concerning this visa program for expats in the UAE, don’t be hesitant to speak to expert Dubai lawyers.